Saturday, January 2, 2010

20/20/20 Challenge

A homeschooling forum that I participate on has several different challenges going on between members. One challenges is a book a week 52 books in 52 weeks. Everyone checks in on a weekly thread with how they are doing and what they think of their books. Another reading challenge is a 20/20/20 challenge, which is designed to get you to read more deliberately. This is the challenge I decided to join. Here's the idea:

Read 20 books in 10 categories. For this set, you can choose any method of determining your categories and then read two in each. Some category ideas are by author (ie. C.S. Lewis, Stephen King, William Shakespeare, Ann Rule), by type (mystery, true crime, historical fiction, autobiography), by subject matter (cats, antiques, cooking), and any other method of determining categories.

Read 20 books in 2 categories. For this set, the idea is to really dig deep into the categories of your choice. Like above, you can choose any category you want. You could read 10 books by one author, 10 sci-fi books, 10 books about World War 2, or 10 books by ancient/medieval authors.

Read 20 additional books of your choice. This set is just another 20 random books. Perhaps you read two books by an author and want to also read another book in the same series. Some are using this set as quick read to help get their reading counts up and provide more time for longer works in the first two categories.

So, I've decided to get involved with the challenge. Will I read all 60 books? I really doubt it, but I do know that I will read more books this year than usual because of the challenge. Throughout the year, I'll be posting about the books I'm reading. Those posts will be titled 20/20/20: Name of book. Look for my first one in a few days.

P.S. Schools starts back up on Monday so I'll be back to posting school stuff soon too.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

One of my goals for 2009 was reading more books for leisure. I research things all the time, but to actually read something for fun rarely happened before last year. I also began listening to books on my MP3 player which I download free from the library. I'm going to post the books I read or listened to last year on my blog next week. I look forward to seeing what your categories are and what you end up reading. A cool category may be books that were made into movies.