Friday, February 26, 2010

Allergic Shiners

Can you see it? It's more obvious in person than in the photo.

Scott and I decided it is time to get Sam allergy tested. I'll be taking him back to the doctor soon for a follow up to his latest round of antibiotics. (We've been fighting sinus congestion, cough, and ear infections for two months now...and he's still having symptoms.)

Anyway, Sam's always had red-rimmed eyes. Always. We were hoping to see them go away now that I've eliminated nearly all of the dairy in our diet. I'm completely dairy free all the time. Scott and the kids are dairy free at home, but I allow them to order whatever they wish away from home. If the allergic shiners were caused by dairy, I'm confident we would have seen the correlation.

A couple times in the last week or so, I've noticed the redness around his eyes being more pronounced than usual. One of those times, the redness was the most noticeable ever; the day after the entire area was peeling. We haven't been eating out, and I can't pinpoint anything obvious in our diet. It's time to do allergy testing and try to determine the cause. We're hoping that if we can find the cause, we can do something about it, and in doing so, help him with some other areas he struggles with.

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Pathfinder Mom said...

Have you considered wheat? Sometimes an intolerance rather than an allergy (different type of reaction) can cause the shiners as well. We're wheat and dairy free here and all of our constant colds disappeared with the switch.

Unknown said...

Hi there. I actually found your blog on a search for "allergic shiners". Did you ever determine what was causing this for your son? My son's eyes look very similar at times! The red rings around his eyes were very pronounced at Christmas time (more sweets to eat, less sleep, etc.) I believe these are allergic shiners for him, and cannot figure out what has changed, to be causing this. He's allergic to peanuts and lactose intolerant...but yet I'm wondering what's gone wrong for him...Love your blog! I'm homeschooling too--it's great!