Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mika's New Do

I took Mika to my hairstylist this morning for a new haircut. I figured that he did such a great job on my hair, that he'd be able to find something that works for Mika, too.

Well, while he was combing her wet hair out, I was teasing her about her hair being straight and telling her that she should look in the mirror to see what she'd look like with straight hair. He gave her something better: he dried her hair in a way that straighten it and then used a flat iron on it. She LOVES her straight hair!

And now she's begging me to buy a flat iron so I can straight it for her on a regular basis. I told her that there was no way I was going to flat iron her hair every day. She's begging for at least once a week. At least, she cares what her hair looks like now.

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Anonymous said...

She looks adorable and all of a sudden way more grown up than I had expected!

I see flat irons at Goodwill often - maybe you could teach her how to do it herself? Not sure if she's ready for that but figured I should put it out there