Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Retreat Time!

It's time for my twice annual retreat! Yea!

I'm leaving tomorrow for four days and will have only one child with me; Madelynn gets to go. Of course, she'll have me on my toes now that she's crawling and pulling up on everything, but then she is only one child. She also likes to eat everything, and I mean everything, that she finds on the floor. I sure hope the floor there is clean or I'll be asking that they do extra vacuuming, or at the very least show me where to find it. Today, she tried to choke herself on a sticker she found at the shoe store; I'll find it in her diaper within the next couple of days, I'm sure. At the retreat, I'm expecting she'll find things like pine needles and bits of paper. So, while it is only one child, I'll still be busy with that one. LOL

Speaking of that one child, I'm really hoping she'll sleep well while I'm gone. I'm rooming in a special suite that's part of the main building where we'll be spending all of our time, and a friend is bringing a baby monitor for me. If I can get her down for naps and at bed, I'll be able to rejoin the group and still hear her wake up. The only problem is that she rarely sleeps well by herself, though she does occasionally get a good nap in. I hope this weekend will be full of those good naps. If she were Josh, I'd just nurse her wherever I was and let her sleep on the nursing pillow on my lap but she's so dang distractable and such a light sleeper that she refuses to sleep in a room where things are happening no matter how tired she is.

But still, I'll get to spend the weekend with adult friends and only one child!

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Anonymous said...

Here's wishing you a great and restful weekend!