Friday, April 16, 2010

Stewart Heights Park

Stewart Heights Park in east Tacoma on E. 56th is not new to us. We've been there before. It's been several years. Thus, I was surprised to see a new playground when I drove by it the other day. We returned later that day to investigate and found a new playground that the kids love. We returned again today, making it our second trip there in a week. Hey, when you live in such a rainy place, you have to take advantage of every non-rainy day.

The primary and most obvious feature of this updated park is the ship play structure. You can see the masts from the distant street beckoning you down the drive to the parking lot. The kids enjoy playing on the ship with two good-sized slides to slide down. Off to the right of this picture is another play structure for the younger set. It is made up of ramps leading to what looks like a ship's helm and has it's own toddler-sized slide.

We've found this circular contraption at three different parks so far. The kids love them, especially trying to walk around the circle without falling off as it swings around due to the force of their weight on the slope. Sometimes they take turns lying on it as the other pushes them around.

These spinning contraptions are also popular.

Mika had to take several turns in order for me to get the camera turned on properly to take the picture. She was a bit dizzy.

Sam wanted a turn too. I took a turn also, but quickly remembered that I don't do spinning things anymore. It took a few moments before the severe nausea passed, and I felt that I could move without vomiting.

Madelynn loves swings. If you push her high enough, but not too high, it makes her giggle.

Josh loved pushing his little sister on the swing. He just really loves her...sometimes too much. I hope she grows up to understand his love for her wasn't intend to terrify her.

We found a feather. Josh insisted on putting it in his pocket and carrying it around. I should remember to check his pockets before I wash them.

These rocks near the playground make great climbers and places to perch.

Towards the end of our visit today, Madelynn decided to nurse. She fell asleep just after I snapped this photo.

She has cute, pudgy toes too. : )

The playground is the primary draw for my kids, but this park offers so much more. They have a skate park, a baseball diamond, tons of flat grass to run in, and an awesome outdoor pool during the summer season. The pool features a zero depth entry, water slide, lazy river, and sprinkler area...all for a small fee. There are also tennis courts that were being used by the adjoining school; I'm not sure if the tennis courts belong to the park or the school.

Finally, a police substation is located at the entrance of the park. I would hope this would deter criminal activity in the park.

We plan on spending lots more time here. It counts as PE, after all.

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Suswan said...

Wow!This park looks like so much fun. What a good idea to have the park next to the police station.
I love the models in your photographs...and they are so cooperative, willing to spin themselves silly for the sake of a good picture. ;-)