Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Giant Magnet in Seattle THIS WEEK

The Giant Magnet, formerly known as the Seattle International Children's Festival, is going on at the Seattle Center this week. I posted about it last week but just wanted to write about it again because we had the opportunity to see just a taste of three of the performers, and they were all quite good. We were invited to their opening night celebration, which featured mini performances by Jamie Adkins, Gansango, and Black Violin.

Jamie Adkins, formerly a performer with Cirque du Soliel and Cirque √Čloize, was beyond funny. His skit included the perfect comedic timing, balancing, and juggling like I've never seen. He spoke not a single word yet we were rolling with laughter. Josh giggled so much several adults around us were turning to enjoy his laughter. I was in awe. I've seen some good jugglers, but Jamie makes them all look like amateurs! I found myself disappointed that we won't be able to see his full performance.

Gansango was a mix of African drumming and dancing. They were quite interesting, as well. Their energy and colorful costumes kept us interested. I found myself admiring their muscle! But I guess you'd have to have excellent muscle tone to pull off energetic routines like that.

Black Violin was my children's favorite act of the evening. My daughter's first words after the show was "Can we buy their CD?" This group mixes classical violin with hip hop. The violinist were excellent. The hip hop beat was fine; however, my husband and I found the DJ's constant and unnecessary vocalizations distracting. I'd expect this performance to be popular with teens.

This link goes to a page listing the performers (tickets required). Some of promo videos that can be viewed. If you click to each performers page, you'll find age suggestions. One of the performances doesn't allow babes in arms so check out that information also.

Really, if you can make it to Giant Magnet this week, I think you'll find it worth your time.

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