Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looks What's Growing

We started our vegetable garden a bit late but it seems to be flourishing just fine so far. Because we are using the continuous harvest method, many of our squares are still empty, but I'll be planting some more this weekend. The only hitch so far is that I have things growing in squares that haven't been planted thanks to our dog running through the planters and our cats digging in them. I have no experience identifying plants, I have no idea what is what unless it is in the right place.

What I do know is that the top three boxes on the right are all green beans. Rather than thinning the plants, I moved the extras over to the next square so they'll all be ready at the same time. I have room for a couple more plants in the third box. The bottom box on the right is cucumber. In the second row from the right, I have dill at the top and then basil, thyme, and oregano as you go down. The basil seems to be missing, so it is probably one of the unknowns elsewhere in the box, thanks to the animals. On the far left, I have some more basil and thyme. All of the rest of the squares are being reserved for broccoli for the fall.

This box is next to the one above. The top right two squares are full of onions growing quiet nicely. There should be 16 (I think) onions per square. I still need to thin these as I think every seed sprouted. In the third column from the right, we have romaine lettuce growing quiet well, including a couple that got moved to the wrong square for me. In the bottom left square is a cilantro plant for Scott. There's something growing in the second column from the right in the bottom square. I didn't plant this square so it was something transplanted by the animals. The rest of the box is for continuous planting of various lettuces and more onions. I wanted to plant garlic as well

This is the last box in this row. On the top right, I have two squares of spinach growing like weeds. Each square can hold 9 plants. I also have 12 strawberry plants on the left. With this method, you don't let them throw out shoots. Instead, you pinch them off to encourage the plant to put all of its energy in the mother plant.

This box has 12 more strawberries on the right. Along the bottom, I have two vine varieties of tomatoes and a zucchini which will also be encouraged to grow up a trellis. I need to go out there and pinch off a bunch of branches off those tomatoes, I think. I need to check my book on how to grow tomatoes vertically. In the middle, I have another tomato plant that we're going to grow with the traditional cage method. The vine tomatoes take one square per plant; the bush/cage method takes 9 squares per plant. We're trying both ways just to see the difference.

Our last box is our deep box. At the top are two squares of carrots. Each square can old 16 carrots. I have to thin these because, again, I think every seed sprouts. The bottom of the box are potatoes. I need to plant the bottom right square and part of the bottom left square because I ran out of sprouted potato sections. I also need to go out there and mound up the soil around the leaves. I think they are at the proper length to cover. Again, I'm glad I have a book to tell me what I'm doing because I'm clueless.

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