Monday, June 14, 2010

Regional Athletic Complex in Lacey

This past weekend was such a nice, sunny, warm weekend for us that we decided to head out to a park to play.  The kids requested "that park we went to right before [our friends] moved."  It took some figuring out because we went to about three parks right before they moved but I finally figured out which one they wanted, and that was the Regional Athletic Complex in Lacey.  It's about 30 minutes from home which is close enough for us.

This park is HUGE.  It has 5 baseball diamonds with a small playground in the middle of them for the kids waiting for older siblings or dad to play their game.  The baseball area is gated and was locked on our first visit so I think they are only open to leagues.   Far on the other side of the park are 5 soccer fields with another small playground.  Right in the center is the public portion of the park.

After parking in the main lot, you see a vast expanse of flat grass and a large, fun playground.  This is the overall picture.  Behind me are three nice covered picnic shelters, each with several tables, a large charcoal grill, and electricity.  Behind the playground and those trees is a small hill with a few short walking paths.

Sam headed straight for these small fake climbing walls.  There's two of them, I think.

Mika headed straight for this thing.  She loves them, if mom will help her climb up and sit on them.  She can do it with only a little help; Sam, on the other hand, takes a bit more effort to get up there.  The yellow part can be spun; they like to be spun.  And because I've lost a good amount of weight, I like to spin them and hold on for the ride occasionally.

This contraption is really cool.  It's long and hilly  Anytime someone puts weight on any part, it affects the other parts, sending them either up or down.  I saw as many of 6 kids on it at once.

Josh, being the climber he is, decided to climb this pyramid-shaped web of ropes.  He doesn't look like he's doing well but he is; he just has an interesting method of climbing.

I decided to join him.  I really am enjoying the increased mobility and stamina from losing 30 pounds.

Josh also likes swings.  They have four kinds of swings at this park: toddler, regular, big plastic reclining seat, and tire swing.

The playground also has a play structure with ramps, monkey bar type things to swing from, slides, and other fun stuff.

There's even a little shade for baby and daddy.

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