Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life with an 11 month old

Madelynn will be one is just two more weeks!  She's been keeping us all entertained and busy for a while now...

First, to explain the picture...Madelynn insists that she 1) eat what we are eating and 2) feed herself.  That means she gets a bath immediately following dinner almost every night.

She's getting around well and has no problems getting into things.  She's not walking yet, but she crawls quite fast, especially when she knows you've just gotten up to stop her from getting into something.  Her favorite things to get into are the stairs (she can climb them all the way to the top), the bathroom and everything in it, and the animals' water bowl.  With the latter, she'll be happily splashing away with one hand but the second she sees you coming to grab her, she splashes the other hand in there too.  She's also cruising the furniture and is this close to walking.  She's our latest walker.

She's also our slowest to get teeth.  She only has 6 teeth.  At this age, the others had double the number of teeth.

Madelynn LOVES books.  She'll choose books over any toy almost all of the time.  She actually pages through them, though she does eat and tear them also.  

Speaking of books, one ABC board book we have has a picture of a bulldog on the D page.  She says "woof, woof" when you show her that page...not all of the time, but often enough that it's obvious she knows what she's saying.

She also says "ear" and can show you where your ear is located.  Ask her "where's ear?" and she'll violently shove your face sideways and grab your ear.  She doesn't point to her own ear yet, though.

She has the princess wave down, which is good because she is such a cute little princess.  She garners a lot of attention when she waves at random people and says, "Hi."

Madelynn loves being outside.  Sitting in the grass, climbing the concrete steps, or going for a walk in the backpack...she enjoys it all.

She likes water.  It's about the only thing I can get her to drink in a cup.  She likes using a straw better than a sippy cup.  With a straw, she can shake the cup and make a mess.  She can also blow bubbles.  She also likes swimming.  I had a "trial" lesson with her when my older kids were in swimming lessons.  The teacher said I should take parent/baby classes with her.  All the other babies cry when you put them under water.  Not Madelynn.  All the other babies cry when you float them on their back.  Not Madelynn.  She takes it all in stride.  Hopefully, she'll stay that way in regards to water.

She's definitely one of the family when it comes to computers.  All of my kids learned to use the computer around the age of 2.  She's having a hard time waiting that long.  She wants to push buttons now and can open a dozen tabs in Firefox before you have time to respond.

She's our happy, cute, little princess.  We certainly are enjoying her.

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