Friday, July 16, 2010

We Knew It Would Be Him

We always expected Josh to be the first to break a bone.  And while we don't know if he actually broke anything, he does have his wrist confined in a splint.

We were at the local elementary schooling playing at their playground.  I was sitting in the grass with Madelynn and another mom from the neighborhood.  I had just looked over at Josh and found him standing on a bar sticking out from the side of the stair railing, holding onto a parallel bar about shoulder height (his shoulder height) from the one he was standing on.  It seemed safe enough, especially for daredevil Josh.  Minutes later, he was joining me at the grass complaining that his art hurt.  He wasn't crying, just holding his arm and saying it hurt.  He could move the arm and hand.  He hadn't fell; he hurt it while hanging from the bar.  I figured it was just a little owie.  We sat awhile and then continued on to the store as previously planned (the playground is on the way to the store).

I started to think something was up when Josh still wouldn't use his arm to to hold a doughnut.  We headed home, I put some arnica gel on it and some ice.  Then I called the pediatrician's office, who called back and told me to take him over to the children's hospital to get it checked out.

At the hospital, they looked at it and determined that it was probably just a minor sprain but decided to take x-rays just in case.  The x-rays looked fine so they sent us home with the arm in a splint to help keep it immobilized for a day or so for his comfort.

Shortly after I arrived home, though, we got a call from the doctor.  Apparently, the radiologist thought he saw a subtle fracture right at the edge of the radius.  The doctor said he couldn't see it but advised us to keep a close eye on it and follow up with our regular doctor mid-week.  He said if it was still hurting him then, he'd probably need another x-ray.

So, while we don't know for sure that he has an actual fracture, I'm ruling it close enough to be the first child to break something.

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