Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting Stuff Done...Or Not

In trying to emulate those super organized people in my life that seem to get it all done, I decided to wake up early in order so I could start my day before the kids woke up.  My plan was to get showered and dressed, start laundry, consider breakfast, and get our school day prepared.  I'm so not a morning person.  I've never been a morning person.  And I can't imagine I'll ever be a morning person.  I set my alarm for 6:15am and went to bed early.

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.  The alarm clock blared annoyingly this morning.  I was up, but so was Madelynn.  There's no way I was going to get anything done with her awake so my sleep-deprived mind decided the best course of action would be to nurse her back to sleep.  Forty minutes later, she was finally asleep again.  I eased out of the bed only to have her wake up again.  Frustrated, I picked her up and carried her downstairs with me where I found that Sam was already awake.  Josh followed a few minutes later.  So much for my quiet morning of getting stuff done.

It is now 4pm.  We've endured a day of Madelynn destroying the downstairs, complaining and crying over the lack of attention.  Meanwhile, Josh ran, climbed, and incessantly talked through the entire day.  Concentrating on school work with the big kids was difficult.  But we got it done.  So, here I am; it's 4 pm and I haven't had a shower or even brushed my teeth.  Breakfast and lunch dishes litter the kitchen.  Dough from the pumpkin scones I made from breakfast (with only 3 eggs and a couple cups of milk I had to bake something) sits caked on the counter. Laundry was never started; in fact, yesterday's load still sits in the washer waiting to be moved to the dryer.

I'm exhausted from waking up early.  I'm frustrated with how our days are going.  I have dishes to wash, laundry to do, a floor to vacuum (lead paint means I'm suppose to be vacuuming and wet mopping way more often than I am), and dinner to figure out.  Somewhere in there, I have to finish planning our lessons for this school year, go over completed work, and write a monthly review for our virtual academy.

Sometimes I think about how nice it would be to just ship the kids off to public school so I could have the time to clean and relax while they are gone.  But homeschooling is too important to me so I'll go to bed hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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Michelle said...

We had that day today too. Ugh, here's to a better tomorrow!

List Mama said...

I'm just curious if you use a to do list? I know some people don't like them, but for me, they are a great way to set goals and try and prioritize my day. Sometimes, just writing things down helps to cement it into my brain a bit better. It's all just a work in progress, am I right?!


JW said...

Sounds like another interesting day. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Mommy to One said...

I'm with List Mama. A list makes a big difference for me. And I'm with you, too. I am SO not a morning person. Just remember, most of those morning people are pooped by 8PM, when we finally come alive. :-) I'm actually contemplating daily schedules right now. I'll be trying some new things soon.

Rebecca K. said...

wow.. what a good point about morning people being pooped by 8 pm! yes, this is very true. I think there's much to be said for embracing who you are, not trying to emulate people you aren't.

Hope you have a much better day today!