Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moving Day

The day is set.  We're taking possession on October 29th and moving October 30th.  We're planning on renting a U-Haul and using any vans/trucks/cars our generous friends have to move everything we own in one day.  We have 6 people, 4 animals, and 12 years of stuff to go through, pack, and move.  It's kind of overwhelming.

My goal is to provide the most delicious homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting for morning snack at the Tacoma house and Costco pizza for lunch at the new house (about 30 minutes away).  If you would like to bless us with your help Saturday, October 30th, we would definitely appreciate the help. 

We're looking forward to living in a new, quieter, lower crime neighborhood.

P.S. This week, we got word that two houses were broken into in our current neighborhood: the first is one block away and the second is 3 blocks away.  We've also gotten word that someone has made three attempts to lure children to his car; one attempt involved a gun.  These attempts were about 3 miles from our house but we are being notified in case he moves to a new location with his attempts.

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