Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mikaela's Mayflower Assignment

Yesterday, I shared Sam's writing assignment on the Mayflower.  Here is Mika's version of the same assignment.  You can see that the two are similar but that they added their own dress ups and sentence openers to make the writing theirs.  I'm looking forward to seeing how their writing develops over the year.

Perilous Journey

            In 1620 a group of English people, who wisely wished to worship freely, decided to sail to America.  They are now known as the Pilgrims.  Aboard their ship, called the Mayflower, they sailed to their new home.  Unfortunately, there was a frightening storm during the trip.  The Pilgrims stayed below in the fishy gun deck.  The men prayed while the women held their children.  It was crowded.  They could feel the hostile storm rocking the boat; seawater splashed in through the cracks.  They were terrified, sopping wet, and chilled to the bone.
            One day, Goodman John Howland grew tired of being stuck inside the secluded gun deck.  Despite the danger, he decided to climb to the upper deck.  Tremulously and without warning, the boat rolled.  Howland tumbled overboard.  Before he reached the salty, frigid, black waters, Howland, who thought quickly, looped his arm around a rope.  His eyes darted all around as he cried for help.
            Fortunately, the sailors spotted Howland.  They acted quickly.  With a boat hook, they were able to pull him back up before he drowned.  Goodman John Howland was shivering and freezing cold, but he was thankful to be back on the boat.  He thanked the sailors for graciously saving his life, then returned quickly to the gun deck.  The Pilgrims, who were relieved to know he was safe, knew that this journey would be long and perilous.

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