Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 13

During the first two weeks living in this house, the only "school" the kids have accomplished is watching Netflix.  Fortunately for us, this was good enough for the virtual academy they are enrolled in (they make allowances for special circumstances).  We watched nearly all of the Cake Boss episodes available on Netflix.  This fits into the career education and art categories, both of which are required subjects in this state.  We also enjoyed learning about the folk lore in various places concerning different boogie men, and how Monster Quest went about trying to prove or disprove the stories.  History and science...right?  We also watched the documentary Babies, which was really interesting, and definitely fits under social studies.

Anyway, we finally got back to formal schooling this week.  We didn't do a lot, but at least we got started again.  Now if I could only find my teacher's manuals for grammar, we'd be good.

Language Arts

Because Sam doesn't seem able to sound out any word he hasn't seen before, we are reviewing phonics from the beginning using Webster's Speller.  We went through several lists from the ancient volume.  We got started on our grammar and analyzed 5 sentences this week.  Without the teacher's manuals, we've been discussing the sentences as a group after the kids have finished their sentence from their respective levels.  Fortunately, the first sentences in the practice books are easy enough that this wasn't an issue.  The kids also finished the third rough draft paragraph for their colonial medicine essays that we started before we moved.


Mika is still working through Life of Fred.  She was working a "Bridge" lesson (ie. test to determine if you can proceed to the next section) when she came to a question asking her to convert one million feet into miles and feet.  It gave her the conversion rate, too.  Well, she hates doing anything that looks remotely difficult, and asked if she could use a calculator.!

Sam and I worked through three honors lessons.  I sit with him and help him as needed because these are typically harder than the regular lessons.  Usually all I need to do is get him started.  We also did a lesson on determining the equation of a line (and graphing it) given different pieces of information.


The kids read sections about Queen Nzinga and John Rolfe.  They also completed the map page and did the chapter test.  Because we didn't have a lot of time to spend on history, I let them do the test open book.


We finished outlining a chapter on seals and sea cows that we started before we moved.  Then I had the kids use the 3-4 page outline to take a 43 question test I wrote from their outline.  I want them to see the benefit of outlining.

Foreign Language

Both kids started doing their Rosetta Stone lessons again this week.  Sam was able to get past a screen he's been stuck on for quite a while.  Yay!


Sam attended his usual taekwondo classes, but he's in sparring club now.  We've also continued with swimming lessons.  This week was family fun time, so I got to take Madelynn into the water too. 

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