Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Review: The Map by David Murrow

Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me this book to review ages ago.  I'll confess that I've been dreading this review and put it aside over and over again simply because I didn't want to write up a negative review.  But, at some point, I need to get it off of my to do list.

The Map is a book written for men.  In it, he claims to have found the way to reach men in churches today; the problem is that churches are feminine in set up.  Men need a different kind of map to mature.  Sure, his map might work to reach men but the book presented his ideas in a way that I just hated.

I picked up the book because it was billed as an adventure story, and I love adventure stories.  It's written in the first person as he tells you about receiving this mysterious invitation and runs all over Europe in search of answers, at one point with bad guys chasing him.  His first person account comes across as believable, at first.  Strange things do sometimes happen to people.

Then he springs it on you.  Everything you have just read was a lie.  He made it up to show you this map about how men can come to maturity in their walk with Christ.  Ugh!

Perhaps this map will work for some men.  I don't know if it will but the presentation made it very difficult to finish the book and impossible to consider his "map" to maturity seriously.  I can't recommend the book to men or women.

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