Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cookies, Cookies, and More Cookies

I've never baked so many cookies in my life!  But I have a Christmas/Open House party this Saturday and I want to have a variety of cookies out for our guests.  So, I started baking a bunch of cookies, including kinds I've never made before.

Then I decided to give all of our new neighbors plates of cookies as a way of saying hello to the three that I haven't already met.  Just like that 6 dozen cookies were out the door.

Yesterday, the older kids and I went to U-Haul to buy boxes I needed to make a cute kitchen I thought Josh would like for Christmas.  While we were there, I told the guy working what I needed them for and showed him a picture of the finished product.  He told me that he had a wooden kitchen from Target sitting in his garage because his child's mom went out and bought a newer, bigger one.  He offered to bring it to work and give it to us.  That was so nice of him; the least I could do was bring him a plate of cookies.

I also RSVP'd for a homeschool Christmas party a couple of months ago and forgot about until my email reminded me.  There's a cookie exchange at the party so I need more cookies for that and our own party on Saturday. 

We've already made over 200 cookies in the past week.  I saw we because my oldest two have helped with parts of them.  I still have more to make for the party on Saturday.  Yikes!  That's a lot of cookies.

So, far we've made:

Chocolate-Regular Swirl Shortbread (see comments of shortbread)
Snowballs (aka Mexican Wedding Cookies, Russian Tea Cookies)
Chocolate Crinkles

The shortbread and macaroons will be dipped in chocolate tomorrow.

I'm also planning on making fudge (the marshmallow fluff recipe), chocolate peanut butter bars, french silk pie, and chocolate cream cheese pie.  If I can squeeze in the time, I'd like to make more snowballs since most of them went to the neighbors and the shortbread swirls because I love them.  Somewhere in there, I also need to hit the store for non-dessert snack foods and drinks.

School for the week: baking 101

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FairyLover said...

You're studying the same thing we are this week. We made pumpkin bread and cranberry bread today and we will start the cookies tomorrow. I have until next Saturday for our party. I'm calling it science class.