Friday, December 24, 2010

December Highlights and Lowlights

Gosh, it's been forever since I posted.  I used to post almost daily, but then I had Madelynn and got busy.  I wanted to pop in and say, "I'm still here!"  It's been crazy busy like all Decembers are crazy busy.  Every year I look forward to January 16th, the day after Mika's birthday, because it finally slows down a bit.

December Highlights

We pulled out our decorations and got most of them up.  Some of our decorations just didn't fit in the new house well.  A decorative shelf above the kitchen was a perfect location for our Christmas village, which Scott and I painted ourselves.

I think I baked close to 300 cookies early in December.  We shared many of them with our neighbors, old and new.  We had some for our party, and we ate a bunch.  They are all gone now.

We had a Christmas open house and enjoyed the company of a few friends.

The kids and I made a dozen handmade Christmas cards and sent them out.

We decorated sugar cookies for the first time ever.  The kids loved it.

We enjoyed a free pool party compliments of Kinder Swimmer.  We had 20 swimmers in the pool; what a great time!

December Lowlights

I've been sick almost every day since we moved it.  First, we've all day a sinus/head cold.  Fortunately, I think I may get over this one without antibiotics.  I was also suffering from positional vertigo and severely itchy eyes.  The windows are always wet with condensation, and I found mold growing on every window.  After cleaning a few of the most critical windows, the vertigo went away.  A week ago, I finally cleaned all of the windows thoroughly.  Then I found mold in the shower so I bleached that, too.  My eyes are better but they start itching after a few days.  Dust has caused me eye discomfort in the past, too, so I cleaned the cadet heaters out.  I'll have to stay on top of the cleaning here.

I've also had headaches nearly every day.  I've had a classic migraine for the first time in a decade.  Most of the really bad pain was my neck being out, so I drove an hour, twice, to see my chiropractor.  I think I had another migraine the way back from the second visit because I had extreme pain, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and nausea.  I nearly threw up on the way home and went straight to bed for three hours when I got home.  Then there's the minor headaches in between all that.  After so much head pain, even the minor headaches that I normally ignore are getting to me.

I'm ready to feel better.

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