Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Your Kids are Awesome!

Recently, I asked what your kids have done well recently.  Here's what you had to say about your awesome kids. 

Blake has made hurdles in creative writing.

Mikaela helped watch the younger kids while cleaned up the kitchen and cooked dinner.

I think [Colin] is better at math than me already...he helps his big brother with his math.

We are working on talking.  Marshal is trying to say "bus"; he can make the B sound and tried to say it this morning.

Samuel completed one of his sister's chores for her just to be nice.

Grant puts 100 percent effort into his swimming lessons, and is doing surprisingly well on his backstroke and diving.  Plus he really loves it!

Mollee, my big first grader, helped me clean the living room on Saturday with a great attitude!

My son, Kimo, who has been having trouble with math the last few school years, is finally getting the hang of it and scored 100% on his last three tests!

Madelynn said "nigh-nigh" and "mom" last night.  She communicates so well non-verballyl that she rarely speaks so it was awesome to hear some words.

Colin, my 18 month old, made it through today without bumping, bruising, or breaking anything.

Emmalee, 6, started gymnastics yesterday.  She did mommy and me until she was 3, and back them she wouldn't touch the bar, but yesterday she rocked it!

Joshua got off the computer, changed into his pull up, and headed up to his nap all by himself with any nagging from me.

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