Monday, April 4, 2011

Our New School Room Reorganized

When we moved out of our old house and into this rental, we lost our dedicated school room.  Our dining room now serves as both dining room and school room.  Unfortunately, this means space is limited.  After months of trying to make it work, I finally got fed up with being unable to keep it organized.  There was just too  much stuff.  I spent over three hours yesterday boxing things up, throwing things away, rearranging furniture, and reorganizing.  The results are so much nicer, and today as been a much more productive day.

This is an overview of the school room when looking in from the hall.

This is the view from end of the kitchen penisula.  It's currently very neat and organized.  I'm hoping it stays that way!

This bookshelf was re-purposed from the living room.  On top, I've placed our globe and paper trays which hold our various kinds of paper: college ruled filler paper, wide ruled filler paper, handwriting paper, printer paper, graph paper, and construction paper.  The first shelf holds our current curricula.  Mika's is to the left, Sam's is to the right, and in the middle are shared books and teacher's manuals.  They are separated by file folders.  The second shelf holds our few reference books, bibles, and bible studies.  The third shelf is our library books.  The last shelf holds our preschool books.

Next to the bookshelf are our office supply bins.  Most of them are divided with dollar-store baskets.  They hold things like pencils, pens, markers, erasers, calculators, rulers, get the point.  On top is my filing box with consumable curriculum and work completed and my basket of dry erase markers.  I've moved the Blokus game to a safer location.

This bookshelf use to hold our curricula, reference, library, and preschool books.  It now holds miscellaneous stuff like math manipulatives, a few games, our Judy clock, a couple of books too big for the other bookshelf, our file folder games, my laminator, my stationary, and a few other things.  It has plenty of room for everything, which will make it easier to put things away.

Next to it is our computer table.

Next to the computer table is another re-purposed shelf.  It used to hold our DVDs.  I got rid of all of the cases and placed them in sleeves in a box so they would take up less room.  It now holds items for the littles to play with.  The top basket holds their play dough toys; the homemade play dough is in the fridge. The second basket holds counting bears and a balance.  The third holds a few activity bags that I put together; I have more that I want to make.  The fourth basket has our pattern blocks; the pattern sheets for them are in a notebook in the bookcase. The bottom basket holds Madelynn's two wooden puzzles.

Finally, I have a string put up to display our most recent art projects.  These are fairly old; it's time to do another project.

In the back of the counter below these cabinets is a deep cabinet.  One shelf holds all of our nice art supplies, and the other holds all of our science supplies.

I have very limited wall space, but I'm hoping to put up a world map above the computer.  If there's room, I'd like a US map up on the wall again, too.

If you are wondering where everything else is, well, there's two answers.  The curricula that we aren't currently using got inventoried, boxed up, and put out in the garage.  There just isn't enough room to keep it out.  Books...well, we don't really own many.  Because of space issues, in the last house and this one, I got rid of most of our books.  We rely on the library for almost all of our reading material.  Very few books get kept, and those are in boxes in the garage for the day we have a house big enough for them to be out.

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