Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nisqually in Bloom

Sam and I took our monthly walk at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge today.  The theme for the day ended up being wildflowers; they were every where.

The beginning of the boardwalk was lush and green.  What a beautiful start!

We haven't studied botany yet.  We'll probably study that the year after next.  Until them, I have no idea what any of these flowers are except the daisies.  It sure was nice to walk through the refuge with all of the flowers, though.

Even the pond was full of new flora.

Look closely and you'll see a pair of young wood ducks on the log.  You should be able to click on the photo and get a larger version.

We saw plenty of birds, as usual.  What was different about this trip was that we saw three herons instead of just one.  We also saw three mature bald eagles, sea gulls, ducks, and tons of tree swallows.

The arrow is pointing to a small dark spec.  That spec is the tiny, but ever so noisy marsh wren.  It was hard to believe that such a small bird could be so noisy and loud.  He has a cool call, though.

This is looking out in the direction of the estuary.  Compare it to the same general photo taken in Janurary.

January's overview photo is much more brown, dontcha think?

I also take a photo of Sam each month in the same location.  This is today.

This is February.  We didn't get the idea to take a photo of Sam in the same spot every month until then.

We also got a good look at these cliff swallows.  The bird outside the nest appeared to be mama.  She kept leaving and coming back, poking her head into the next.  I think she was feeding the young but almost ready to be on their own babies.

Finally, my camera was acting up and several photos came out with a eerie pink hue.  This one was neat looking.  I hope it doesn't start doing that all the time!

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