Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Potty Training

Apparently, Madelynn has decided she's old enough to use the potty chair.

I put it in the downstairs bathroom a few months ago, showed her how to use it (sat her on it without a diaper) a couple of times, and left it at that.  She often follows me into the bathroom, and occasionally she would want to sit on it, so I'd pull her diaper off and let her sit on it.  Then one time, she actually peed in the chair and we all clapped and cheered for her.  She loved it.

Fast forward a few months...

Then two or three days ago, she wanted to wear pull ups and refused to let me put a diaper on her.  She also ran to the potty chair every 10-15 minutes pulling off the pull up, sitting on the chair, getting up to get toilet paper, sitting back down, and wiping even though she usually didn't pee.  Several times, she did go potty.  Some of that day, she wanted to wear nothing.  So, I let her.  She peed on the carpet once and squatted down on the hard wood floor in the dining room.  I was in there for the last one so I was able to tell her that she was not to go potty on the dining room floor; she had to go potty in the potty chair.  So, she kept going to the potty chair.  She used her pull up for a bowel movement and came to tell me right away.

Yesterday, we went to the beach.  It is a two hour drive away.  On the way, she got upset suddenly, pointing to her diaper.  With questioning, I figured out that she probably had a bowel movement and wanted her diaper changed.  I found some place to pull over, checked her diaper, and found nothing but a small amount of pee in it.  The same thing happened on the way home.

Then this morning, she wanted out of her diaper pretty quick.  She wanted a pull up.  A little while later, she wanted help getting it off.  Mika helped her.  Then she ran into the bathroom and peed in the potty chair.

Hmmm....I guess she really does want to use the potty chair.  Maybe I should buy her some girl pull ups in her size.  She's been using some boy pull ups in Josh's size that he can't use because he pees right through him; we have to use Goodnights instead.

She's only 23 months old.  I wasn't even worried about it yet.  This is going to be easy.  Now the question is: Who is going to be completely out of pull ups first? Josh or Maddie?  Josh has no desire to abandon pull ups at night.

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