Friday, July 22, 2011

Friendly Grove Park

Wednesday we headed out to a park day with a homeschool group we've joined in hopes of locating some older homeschoolers.  The weather didn't look good for anyone coming.  In fact, it started sprinkling just as we were leaving and raining fairly hard within 2 miles of home.  I told the kids we'd go and wait half an hour and if no one came, we'd leave.  By the time we arrived, the rain had stopped again.

This particular park is a pretty little park off the beaten path.  In fact, I've been there twice and I'm not sure if I could find it a third time without a map or GPS guiding me.

This is the main play toy.  It's older wood with plastic slides.  To the right is some thicker beams of wood at varying heights for climbing and balancing.  To the left are a couple of regular swings and a couple of toddler swings.

This is looking towards the back of the park.  There's a small beginner skate park and half court basketball.  The path you see on the right goes around to the right along some tennis courts and continues all the way around the park.  The entire park is surrounded by trees; the back of the park is a protected wetland.

 Mikaela tried it out the skate park with her old scooter. 

Josh only went half way up the ramp.  Any higher scared him.

After a bit, two other families from the homeschool group showed up, both with girls.  Mikaela needed a nudge to met them, but they took her in like an old friend. Between the two, she met three new girls and came home with two email addresses. 

While we were there, the rain started coming down hard again.  We all rain for the shelter.  After a bit, the kids headed back out into the rain.  They didn't care, and they had fun despite being wet.

Madelynn loves the water and ended up standing under and playing with the runoff from the shelter roof.

I'm really glad we went to the park day.  Mikaela met some new friends, and we all had a good time at this nice little park.

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