Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nisqually Wildlife Refuge - September

I got to try out my new camera at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge today.  It's so much nicer than a little point and shoot.  I can't wait until I have a zoom lens with which to play.  I did get a few good photos, especially with the help of some cropping and editing. 

The twin barns.

Our destination in the distance.

This is a portion of a photo of some berries that I took.  I didn't notice the bug until after I got home to look at the photos.  He's kind of neat looking.  See the main part of the photo below (red berries).

Even grown up, they swim in lines.

I liked the overall look of this photo with the mud and water, but the heron flying in the distance was a cool bonus.

This heron was hanging out close to the boardwalk.  My camera couldn't zoom quite enough for a really good shot of him, though.

These tiny flowers look really interesting.  I have no idea what they are.

Here are three out of four river otters frolicking in the water.  The one on the right is enjoying a fish.

Thistles may be prickly, but they sure look cool close up.

We found this little berry low to the ground.  They looked so much like tiny tomatoes.  I didn't even notice the bugs on the berries when I took the photo. 

Common snowberries are abundant in the refuge right now.  They are so pretty.  Too bad they are poisonous.

My favorite photo of the bunch.  I hadn't noticed that the flower was dewy until I got home and looked at the photo.

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