Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tot School - Week 2

Josh and Maddie seem to really like doing school every day.  It's only about an hour of day, and most of it is just fun stuff.

We continued to review vowels.  We're working on their name, their sound, and how to write them.  Josh has trouble remembering the sounds for e and i.  I'm undecided if we should continue with them another week or rely on the continual review that comes with later lessons.  For example, the next lesson is on the letter s, and you work on it by combining it with all of the vowels rather than separately.

Here's Josh writing the letter i with a dry erase marker on the laminated play-doh mats I printed for him.  I also bought him an individual chalkboard with writing lines on it, and had him try writing it with chalk.  He only has the tolerance to write each letter once or twice, so I'm trying to find as many fun ways to practice.

We also did the calendar and weather every day.  That takes care of counting practice.  That's about all of the math I've done with him so far.  I'll be adding more math-type activities soon.

I had both littles join in on the big kids' art project for the week.  First, I drew a border on a square of black paper, then I had him draw the letter A on it.  Afterwards, I helped him trace the letter with glue.  When it was dry, he got to color it with chalk pastels and blend it in with his fingers.  He did two: the letter A and the letter E. 

Meanwhile, Maddie kind of freaked out about the mess the chalk was making on her hands and arms.  She scribbled a bit on her letter, but I ended up just doing the other vowels.  We have them hanging up so I can point to them and quiz them on the names and sounds. 

Finally, the big kids were inspecting course sand for their geology lab today.  Josh and Maddie got out some beans, and were inspecting them with their magnifying glasses just like their older siblings.  It was cute.

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Tiffany said...

Looks like a great week.