Monday, September 26, 2011

Tot School - Week 4

Week 4 was a little more successful.

Josh and I went over S and M for phonics.  I'm using Phonics Pathways, but I did the lessons on the white board instead of reading it out of the book.  The book introduces the consonants by teaching them with the vowels (ie. sa, se, si, so, su, ma, me, mi, mo, mu).  I wanted to help motivate him so I added a final consonant to each to make a word and helped him sound out the words.  At the beginning of the week, he was mostly just copying me, but my the end of the week, we was reading at least half of them.  He got so excited when he figured out which word he was sounding out.  It went like this: "mmmmmmm aaaaaaaa puh, mmmmaaaaa p, mmmmaaaaap,  map! like a treasure map!"  His eyes really lit up.  He was so excited that he willingly showed both his dad and grandpa his lessons.  In fact, when grandpa came to visit, he pulled him directly into the dining room to do it rather than letting him get settled first.

We also did some fine motor skills and sensory play again.  I chose chocolate pudding.

Do you see the letter M in the pudding?

In case you didn't know, playing with chocolate pudding is messy.

We also played with bubbles.

And practiced scissor skills with index cards.  This is one of Maddie's favorite things to do.  She had developed better scissor skills than Josh without any help.  Josh made a big jump in ability and no longer uses the scissors to just tear the paper.

I also finally pulled out Josh's Spectum Grade K math workbook.  He actually likes doing some of this in small doses. We did two pages where he had to find the item(s) that are different.  One page had rows of pictures, and he had to put an X on the thing that was different.

He started this page, which required him to find things that were the same.  Each row had multiple copies of two pictures.  He colored all of one picture red and all of the other picture green.  It was a lot of work for him, so I didn't make him finish it.  He did, however, insist on finishing it after grandpa came.  He really wanted to show him.  It's also the first time I've seen him color this thoroughly; usually, he just barely puts any color on the page.

He went on to to this page with grandpa, too.  He wanted to do more, but grandpa suggested he ask mom if he could do more pages.  That distracting him enough to let my dad get settled.

It addition to this, we went on a farm tour of Lattin's Country Cider Mill and Store.

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