Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moving Again

This is kind of old news (decided October 3rd) but I haven't gotten around to posting about it here yet.

We're moving again.  Scott got a call on his work cell from an unrecognized number a while back.  When he returned it, it turned out to be a real estate agent wanting access to our house for a market analysis.  Apparently, the homeowners want to list the house for sale...as a short sale...and some of her comments made it sound like they might be defaulting on their mortgage.  The results of a sale could be okay for us or bad news depending on who bought the house:

An investor could buy the house.  They would be required to honor the rest of our lease (13 more months).

Someone wanted to live in the house could buy the house.  They would be required to give us 90 days notice.

If the bank forecloses, they could give us cash for keys, or moving out in a timely manner.

If the bank forecloses, they could honor our lease while they try to sell it.  If it sold, we're back to option 1 or 2.

We could just sit tight and see what happens.  We could deal with people coming through to look at the house, opening our cabinets and closets, etc.  But we don't want to.  We don't want to risk being given 90 days notice at some future date and not being able to find a suitable place to live in that time.  So, we decided to leave when we found a new place to go, provided the owners let us out of our lease.

Fortunately for us, the property management company, who is no longer an agent for the homeowner, want to keep us as tenants.  So, they set out looking for a new place for us.  And they found one....

It's only 3 miles away.

It's 300 square feet larger.

It has both a living room and a dining room.  We'll use the latter, which is open to the kitchen, as our school room.  It also has a fireplace to keep us warm during the day.

It has a real laundry room in the house.  I've never had a laundry room.

It's cheaper than what we are paying now.

The neighbors are nice and tell us the neighborhood is quiet.

The owner owns it free and clear so no need to offload it quickly via a short sell.

It'll work.  There are some negatives, but nothing is going to be absolutely perfect.

We move on October 29th, a day before we moved last year.  We're hoping to continue schooling through the packing, move, and unpacking.  I'll be busy!

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