Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tot School - Week 5

It was a fairly typical week with the littles.  Madelynn is almost always more interested in the activities than Josh. 

I'm trying to do a police theme over the next couple of weeks.  We've been reading picture books about police, and we put together this toilet paper roll craft.  Well, he colored the police officer and Maddie scribbled on the robber a little bit.  Then I cut them out and put them together because they had lost interest by then.  Josh does like the finished product, though.

Josh doesn't know any of his shapes except circle so that's one thing I want to work on.  To do that, I created shapes on the kitchen floor with blue painter's tape.  He loved the shapes.  I have him jump to the shape that I name and then describe.  I'll say something like, "Jump to the pentagon.  It's the shape with 5 sides."  He's an active boy so he likes that.  I want to sew a few bean bags for him to toss on the shapes, as well.  I got this idea from this blog.

I also made marble game from a free printout and a box. (You can get the printout at this french blog.  Just click on the template at the bottom and print it landscape.  Then you can color and put it on a box.  Finally, cut out the space between the animals' legs.)  Josh loved it, and I had marbles everywhere.

Maddie loved it too.  In fact, all of the kids loved it.  I ended up getting a couple of narrow long pieces of wood out of the garage and creating bumpers to help them be more successful in scoring and contain the marbles better.

I also sent Scott to Costco to buy a large bag of cheap rice.  The love playing in it, but clean up is a bear.  I end up with rice all over the first floor.

I also took Josh and Maddie to the children's museum to play for a bit one day.  They were so good leaving that I told them we can go back again very soon.

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