Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kennedy Creek Salmon Tour

Yesterday, we went on a docent-led tour of Kennedy Creek.  This trip was planned months ago as it fills up with school tours.  It can be hard to plan ahead as the salmon don't return in the same numbers on the exact same days each year.   We scheduled our trip for the week most likely to have some salmon.   Fortunately, there were some salmon in the river!  They weren't in the high numbers but they were there.

Our docent asked the kids questions to give them an opportunity to show off what they knew.  She explained the importance of the tributaries, riparian forests, good logging practices (the site is funding by a logging company), and taking care of the area.

We walked over a bridge that overlooked this tributary stream.  It was only a couple inches deep, but when it rains the salmon will actually come up this tiny stream too.  It seems impossible!

One of the things she had to show the kids was a set of tubes showing the early salmon life cycle.  It had eggs, newly hatched salmon, and salmon at different stages for the first 120 days.  She also had polarized glasses which make it easier to view the fish in the water.

You could see the salmon a little better than my camera could capture them.  But in some areas, you can see their fins and tails sticking out of the water, splashing around when they defended their territory or dug their redds.

This poor fish was tired and getting dragged downstream by the current.  It wasn't dead yet though.  We did see a couple of dead fish, but it is still early in the season.

We also got to see this replica of the native Indian salmon fishing tool.  There were some interpretive signs for the trail in it as well.

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