Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our Christmas Village

Way back before we had kids, Scott and I started painting ceramic Christmas village houses.  We found it an enjoyable Christmas activity and got several pieces completed.  Over the years, we added a few minor elements: a giant town tree, a train, a snowman trio, and a sledding Linus.  Our village, though it hasn't been added to for many years, is well loved.

Here's an overview.  It isn't as grand as I once envisioned it, but it is special to us.

To the left of the tree is town.  There's a department store, an unfinished coffee shop, a gas station, and a gorgeous hospital.  the latter is one of my favorite pieces.

This table top tree has been around for about a dozen years.  A couple years, it served as our only Christmas tree. It is decorated with a stranded of white lights, a garland of gold foil stars, and miniature ornaments.  The ornaments are red cardinals, multi-color light bulbs, snowmen, gold stars, and clear angels.  The train track has been around since before I was married.  I got it from Burger King 14 years ago for $3 and a value meal purchase.  It was from the cartoon movie Anastasia, and it used to actually run around the track.  Snow caught in the wheels killed the motor years ago.

Next to the tree is an old church, angel, and Victorian home.  The church was the first piece painted by Scott.   The poor thing has survived two steeple breaks.  The angel was also painted by Scott.  The kitten was painted to resemble our first cat, Kitty, whom we still miss.  He was the most awesome cat ever.  The Victorian hasn't been finished yet.

And here is the neighborhood.  The house is my other favorite piece.  A decorated barn stands in the distance.  I added the snowmen one year.  I love snowmen and don't care that they are the size of the house.  Linus sleds down the hill.  He's part of my ornament collection but goes so well with the village that he never gets hung on the tree anymore.

We have about half a dozen houses sitting in the box waiting to be painted.  We haven't painted in years because we found it just too difficult with little ones running around.  With Madelynn getting older, maybe we can finish the partially completed houses, touch up the others where they've suffered damage over the years, and paint the rest.

Our house doesn't feel decorated until the village gets put up.

What's your favorite Christmas decor?  

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