Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our New Pet

Living among the trees, we have a new pet...not really...but we enjoy feeding and watching a new critter.

This is a Douglas Squirrel.  He's smaller than the abundant Eastern Gray Squirrels that we have around here.  His coloring is quite a bit different from the gray we are used to seeing.

As you can see, he and his gray friends (not really...the big gray squirrels chase him away) make quite a mess with the food we put out for them.  When I went out to try to get pictures of the squirrel, there were at least half a dozen small birds enjoying a meal also.  If you look very closely, you can see a black circle almost dead center...that's a bird.

If you don't have a zoom lens and very quietly and slowly try to get closer to get a good photo of him, he takes off up the tree.  He stops part way up to chew you out, too.  It's a cute "chirr, chirr, chirr" sound.  He's noisier than most birds, in fact.

We like our new outdoor pet.   Even Josh likes the squirrels enough to specifically request that I buy more food for them.

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