Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Current School Room

I've finally gotten my school room organized in a way that works.  Yay!  After struggling with too much stuff in too little space, I moved a bookshelf and pulled another shelf from the garage.  It seems to be working now that stuff isn't crammed onto shelves on top of, under, or stuffed between other things.

This is an overview of our school room.  It's next to the kitchen and is suppose to be a family room, complete with a fireplace.  It's large enough but between the sliding glass doors and fireplace, there is less wall space than I'd like.

On the wall to the left, you'll see a bookshelf (with three papers taped to it).  Beyond that is the fireplace, and beyond the fireplace, I hung our white board that gets very little use these days.  The back wall is our shelves holding all of our stuff.  The doorway goes to the laundry room where I hung our maps.  That lime green thing on the right wall is our calendar I use with the littles.  I haven't put the rest of the pieces up because I'm out of poster tack.  To the right of the sliding glass door, I have another shelf that will be used for Josh's workboxes when I get more baskets.  The table was given to us for free.  The chairs and table are a bit rickety but they work and we are grateful to have it.

This is the bookshelf I mentioned on the left wall.  The top two shelves hold our curricula.  The third has our literature that I've chosen to go along with year 4 of history.  The bottom has our assortment of Bibles and devotionals.   The papers are our 2012 reading logs.

This is the extra shelf I pulled out of the garage.  It isn't as deep as the others.  The fact that it is different bugs me, but I'm trying to not let it bother me too much.  It holds math manipulatives, some craft things for the younger kids, file folder games, older white board markers that the younger kids are allowed to use (I keep the new ones for myself), play doh toys, and homemade activity bags.

The middle two shelves hold our science and art supplies, the older kids' homeschool stuff, and a few other things.  The top shelf has our paper pads for art, my stash of cards and envelopes, a spot for my camera, and a crate for smaller games.  The next three shelves down hold the nicer art supplies (oil pastels, chalks, art pens, watercolors, etc) and our science supplies (beakers, goggles, supplies for specific labs and activities).  Two of the basics hold basic supplies like spiral notebooks and extra glue and pencils we aren't using.  The big blue and green crates hold Mika's and Sam's notebooks.  On the floor are my sewing supplies and a box I haven't unpacked yet.

Because of the way the room is laid out, we ditched our computer table and placed a small computer and screen in the shelving unit.  It's a little cramped, but it works.  Above it is my laminator, some basic supplies, and our games that I don't want the littles getting into.

To the left of the sliding glass door, I have this small shelving unit. It was, and will be again, Josh's workbox station.  I found out earlier this year that Josh does really well with the workbox idea.  I had to confiscate his baskets for other areas of the house.  I need to buy more but my local Dollar Tree only has hot pink baskets in right now, and I just can't handle them not matching to that extent.  LOL  The white bins hold our office supplies.  Our color printer sits on the kitchen counter and is currently out of ink.  : (

So that's where we do school currently.  I think you can tell that I like dollar store baskets.  I have the blue ones you see above, black ones in the same size throughout my kitchen, and smaller ones compartmentalizing many drawers.

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Rebecca K. said...

OH JoAnn! its BEAUTIFUL!!! so jealous! i LOVE it!