Sunday, July 29, 2012

Harry Potter fan fiction

My daughter wrote this little piece recently.  We're thrilled to see her writing again.

Dom yawned softly, bored.  Ever since she'd gotten detention  (This time it was for making a paper airplane and enchanting it so it flew around the History of Magic professor's head.  What could she say?  That class was boring.)  She had had nothing to do.  She sat in the Slytherin common room, reading an adventure novel that she'd read at least four times already.  It was really boring, but she couldn't think of anything else to do instead.  She tossed her book down, frustrated at the fact that she couldn't decide what else to do.  She supposed she could tease some first years about how short they were, but that wasn't much fun.  A little satisfaction from it, yeah, but it wasn't actually fun.  And she wanted fun.

Dominique stood up and signed, smoothing out her shirt.  It was a slow day.  She figured she could go exploring some more, but she decided against it.  She wanted to gain at least a little bit of good reputation.  She didn't want her mom to freak again, like she did when Dom got a howler during Christmas break a year ago.  They had all been eating dinner -- which had been delicious, by the way -- when suddenly, an owl crashed into the window.  Dominique thought it was somewhat mentally challenged or something.  Either that or the owl had lost its glasses.  Hah.  That was funny.  Anyways, Dom had taken the letter from the owl and immediately realized what it was: a howler.  It quickly burst open, beginning to say strictly -- but too loudly -- that drawings that made fun of various teachers at Hogwarts had been found on the wall of the castle.  it said that, when break was over, "Miss Dominique Weasley would be spending time after school hours clearing away the paint by hand."  Dom thought this was rather funny, since it was extremely rare to get howlers from people at the school.  It was usually your mom or something, not a teacher.  Fleur had started rambling about how it had probably been a mistake, that Dominique would never do something like that.  Of course, Dominique, indeed, had done it, and she was sure her dad, Bill, knew it had been here.  Of course, she was a Weasley.  It was in their blood to be mischievous. 

Dominique snapped back to reality when a little Gryffindor kid, probably about twelve or thirteen, walked into the common room with a smug look on his face.  He had probably overheard the password to get in and thought he'd go for a little adventure.  Dominique silently got off the couch, crawling around so the kid couldn't see her.  Dom jumped up, scaring the kid half to death.  He screamed in terror, then swallowed and ruffled his hair.  "Really got you to think I was scared, huh?" he said.  Yep.  Dom thought he was probably twelve.  Maybe eleven.

"You better get out of here before I get the spiders."  

The kid looked terrified.  "What spiders?  You don't have any spiders.  You're lying."  

Dominique grinned before replying.  "Nope, we got a huge stock of baby acromantuala.  Oh wait.  We have a couple adults too."  Dom started slowly walking towards the back of the common room.  She heard the kid quickly running away, and grinned.  Scaring little kids would have to do. 

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