Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Schedule So Far

Josh is officially a student this year.  Adding in a third student has made my days a lot longer.  Wow!

So far, this is how our days are going:

Try to get up, get dressed, get chores done, and cook and eat breakfast by 9am.  I am not a morning person so this is a challenge.  Ultimately, my goal is to have everything done and breakfast ready by 8:30am, but it just isn't happening yet.

Get the big kids started on their day.  Give assignments and explain things that require extra explanation.

Do school with Josh and Maddie.  So far, we are doing phonics, literature, and math each day.  I'd also like to get handwriting, social studies, science, and art in there.

With luck, I'm done with kindergarten by noon and can make lunch.  The kids all get a break while I'm preparing lunch.  Then we eat and get back to school.

If I didn't finish with Josh before lunch, I finish with him.  Otherwise, my goal is to do any one-on-one work with the big kids.  At a  minimum, I need to check work to make sure it is done and correct and do math with each kid.  I do math with Mika because she sometimes has trouble with it.  I do math with Sam because his math is out of my league, and if I don't learn it with him I can't help him.  Last year, he wasn't quite getting the lessons and doing the problems the hard way rather than the way the curriculum wanted him to do it.  I'd also like to do art once a week with all of the kids together.

If I'm lucky, we are done with school by 3pm.  Twice a week, I'm tutoring a friend's child in reading at 3pm.  

After all that, it is time to start dinner most days.  After dinner, we do some chores and watch a TV show.  Then it is time for bedtime stories for the littles.

I'm getting free time after about 10pm lately.

I'm not sure how I'm going to add in the work that isn't getting done right now.  I've got way too much going on, and I don't know how to fix it just yet.

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