Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 3

I knew this week would be a light week, academically, but I didn't expect everything that transpired this week.  It was one crazy ride.

Sunday:  We are now hosting the middle school youth group for our church.  This week, I was asked to prepare a scavenger hunt that would take the kids in and around our home.  I chose to do it with photos like this one:

They had to find a stamp hidden at each location pictured.  Most of them were easy for my kids to figure out, so basically, it was a guided walk.

Here are the kids at the first location.  It was the easiest picture, because I wanted to make sure they got going in the right direction.

Monday:  Besides our regular school stuff, I have a student I'm tutoring on Mondays.  Our church has small groups, and ours meets on Monday evenings.  Ours met for the first time of the school year this week.  We socialized over desserts this first meeting while the kids played.  Mika and Josh have friends that attend this group so they love going.

Tuesday: Mika got upper and lower expanders and upper braces put on.  A good friend that she hasn't seen for two years that recently moved back into the area came over to cheer her up.  It was a difficult day for her.  For several reasons, we ended up call and postponing our planned visit to Great Wolf Lodge.

Wednesday:  We didn't go to Great Wolf Lodge as planned.  Mika ended up taking 2400mg of ibuprofen to make it through the day.  Because we canceled our planned vacation, I was able to meet with my tutoring student and take Madelynn to a birthday party for her friend.

Thursday: I took Mika back to the orthodontist.  She's tongue-tied, and despite the orthodontist adjusting the expander as far forward as he could, the wire going under her tongue was cutting a nasty wound into her frenulum and causing extra pain.  He pulled it out and said we'd try to get enough expansion with the braces.  If we can't, he'll refer us to an oral surgeon to clip her frenulum.

Friday:  Mika was finally feeling well enough to not need pain medicine.  Sam and Mika participated in flag football, after which we invited a friend of Sam's (and the mom and sister) back to our home for lunch.  We had lunch, and they ended up staying 5 hours.  No planned academics got done.

Tomorrow:  Sam has Korean Language School for three hours in the morning.  Mika and I are picking him up after and jetting to Seattle for the NW Chocolate Festival.  Yum!  It counts as school too.

We did managed to get some school done in the middle of all that.  We discussed the analysis of the first several chapters of Oliver Twist.  I had hoped to catch up to where we've read, but it didn't happen.  Mika worked on chapter 3 of Math-U-See prealgebra which covered multiplication of negative numbers.  Sam and I managed to finish Chapter 1 Section 7 which covered division of negative numbers.  They worked on Chapter 2 of Story of the World volume 4.  I have no idea what it covered, because I haven't looked at their work yet.  They started chapter 2 of our Pacific Northwest text.  They worked on identifying the countries that grow cocoa trees on a world map, and we didn't get to the chocolate making kit I had planned.  They worked on their art projects but didn't finish them.

With the littles, we covered the letters s and m in phonics.  We started our literature pocket for The Little Red Hen.  We also covered the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in handwriting. I started reading Runaway Ralph to Josh.  But that's all we got to.  I do think I need a better plan for social studies; I'm not getting to it, and he has no interest in the primary books I wanted to read to him.

So, that was school this week.

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