Thursday, January 17, 2013

Assignment Sheets

Over the years, I've changed the way we've done things several times.  My favorite method was when I used the filing box system.  We used a lot of consumable workbooks back then.  It was easy to tear the books apart and distribute the appropriate number of pages to each week's file.  But then we moved into other curricula that didn't easily work with that system.

Our next system was a weekly checklist.  That sort of worked.  The most difficult part of that was getting those weekly checklists written up each each week.

This year, I managed to get a list of assignments written up for botany and a list of assignments written for the first half of state history.  Then I ran out of time and school started.  I still refer to the two lists I have, telling them to work on assignment number 25, for example.

But here's the big problem.  We are way behind schedule for my hopes and plans for the year.  And I don't have assignments assigned to actual days.  So each day, I go through the subjects and tell them what they need to work on.  Mika has taken to writing these verbal instructions on her hand.  It works.   She gets the work done.  I don't have to find time to get a weekly assignment written up.  It saves paper.  It's not the ideal, but this year has been far from ideal.  I'm finding that folding in a new kindy student is much like having a new baby: expect a lot of bumps in the road and a lot less getting accomplished.

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