Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hands On

Today, we had the pleasure of spending the day with two good family friends.  They drove almost an hour to spend the day with the kids and I.  The kids shared various things with them.  We played Uno. We had lunch.  And then we headed to the Hands On Childrens Museum.

We made sure to visit each area and had a great time.  This was our third or fourth trip to the new location.  My kids really enjoy the museum, especially Maddie and Josh.
Fortunately, Maddie was good and didn't attempt to go off on her own.  I reminded her of how much trouble she got in last time, and she was good about staying in the designated sections with us.  The last visit involved her ignoring me and sliding down to the first floor and then evading her brother, which resulted in a fifteen minute search involving at least half a dozen staff with walkie-talkies.

We spent more time than usual in the Build-It section.  Maddie got all dressed up.  The hat wouldn't stay on her head for more than a couple of seconds, though.  Mika, Sam, and one of our friends built a cabin with their boards (they remind me of flat lincoln logs) only to find out that there aren't enough roof pieces.

Overall, we had a good time.  We love seeing our friends!

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