Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quiet Time

The end of last week, I decided to try instituting a quiet time after lunch.  My three year old hasn't quite outgrown her need for a nap, but I haven't been putting her down for one.  She doesn't want to lay down with everyone else is up doing things. What we get instead is either 1) she passes out somewhere right before dinner or 2) she has a meltdown.  And her meltdowns are spectacular in a not good way.

So, we're trying for a quiet time.  It's really difficult for me because I already feel like we aren't getting enough school work done.  I just want to keep plowing through because we don't have time to stop for an hour to do "nothing."  But she needs a nap, and I'm hoping the quiet time will help another kid who has their own form of meltdowns every so often as well.

Now I have to work out the details.  I'm trying not to require each of them to be on their beds reading.  They do enough reading already; in fact, it is difficult to keep Mikaela and Samuel in reading material.  I wouldn't mind if they were sitting at a table coloring, writing, or working on a quiet hobby.  Unfortunately, Joshua picks something to do, then comes out to ask me questions or change what he's doing, etc.  It's not very quiet, and it makes it difficult for Madelynn to actually fall asleep.  So, I need to make a rule of some sort that quiet time requires them to pick something to do and then stay where they are doing it.  No talking.  No wandering.

I never had a quiet time growing up.  And we've never had a quiet time in our house.  I'm just trying to feel my way through this and see if it works.  Any suggestions?

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Ginger said...

I found your site while looking up "reviews for MCT."
I'll swap suggestions for quite time and getting things done, for MCT information? only half kidding.
I have two, 4.5 and 6.5 and live in California.
I read a lot of your recent posts, and I hope that you are hanging in there and getting the hang of hanging in there too.
Just a few ideas....If your hubby is willing to forego you going through the hoops to go veggie, take him up on it...I can't imagine throwing in a whole new cooking dilemna into my already "I haven't a single living idea what I am doing" that creeps in almost daily.
Also, I have a very very good method for scheduling multiple children (anything over 3) so that you spend time with everyone, and get everything done. It's brilliant and done by a women who has 9 children....
If you are interested you can email me at

my name is Ginger