Friday, January 4, 2013


I'm really good at starting projects; I'm horrible at finishing them.  One of my goals this year is to become a good finisher not just a good starter.

Among the things I want to finish better is my crafting.  A year or so ago, I got rid of almost all of my yarn.  I only kept projects that I really wanted to finish.  The picture above is my new pair of socks.  Don't they look great?

Here's the back story:

A couple of years ago, I tried crocheting a sock for Josh.  While it looked great, it was awful.  Crocheted socks have no stretch, making them very difficult to get on.  I moved on and knitted my very first sock for Mika; a pink camo sock.  Bored of that, I moved on to a sock for Sam.  I gave them each a sock for Christmas with the intention of finishing the other.  At the same time, I put yarn in Scott's stocking with the intention of knitting a pair for him.  I also bought yarn for my own pair.  None of the pairs have never been finished.

It's time for a clean start.  I pulled the match for Sam's sock off of my needles.  I would never be able to figure out where I was in order to finish it.  Besides, both of them have much bigger feet now.  Then I dug for a long while and found the fourth needle and started my socks.  It's about time I make something for myself...and I plan on finishing both socks this time.

What unfinished project do have laying around that you plan on finishing this year?

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