Thursday, January 3, 2013


What a winter break!  I've been having the hardest time getting settled into the routine of doing school with three students and a preschooler.  I never thought it would be this hard to add in a third student.  The age gap being great enough that we can't combine subjects isn't helping either.

After a long Christmas break, we eased back into school today.  We didn't do much: some history reading, some individual reading, and some maze making.

A friend posted this link to a PDF explaining how to make a maze.  Sounded like fun so that's what we did.  Mine is on the left.  Mikaela's is on the right.  Sam is still working on his.  It was a good exercise in being neat and careful as we were using small graph paper.

Once they are all done, I plan on getting them scanned so I can print out copies for us all to try.

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