Saturday, September 14, 2013

And a Different Set Up

After spending a week attempting to do school all together in the same room, we decided that our previous two small tables push together wasn't going to cut it.  We were just too crammed together, and I was sending Maddie out to the living room alone so I had room to work with Josh on his school work.  Making her spend so much time alone is not part of my plan.

Here's how it was set up last week:

It's a little crammed.  Both Mikaela and Samuel really like having their various textbooks, workbooks, and primary resources all within arms reached.  They were a little tight on space, but seemed to do fine.  Plus, they moved around when they wanted, working on the computer or reading on their bed or the couch.

The biggest problem was the littles' side.  There just isn't room for three of us and the stuff we are working on that tiny table.  Even if Josh and Maddie only have the paper they are working on, there's still no room for the things I need to keep busy while supervising their work.

So, we moved the dining table into the school room.  Here's how it looks now.

There's a lot more room now.

Here's Josh and Maddie's side of the table.  They have their notebooks, science journals, MUS blocks, and crayons within reach.  I have room to sit at the end of the table where I can see the big kids for discussions, work with the littles direction, and have room for my own stuff.

The dining room is looking less and less like a dining room though:

It's now a cross between a home library and an art studio.

We usually eat in the living room anyway.

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