Monday, March 3, 2008

Kids Devotionals & Radio Program

Today I found the coolest Christian website for kids. It is just so cool that I couldn't wait until after I explored everything there is to discover there before writing a post about it.

CBH Ministries's website is a place for kids to learn more about God. There's plenty to explore and do on this website. Like I said before, I haven't explored the whole thing so I can't tell you everything there is there to see; you'll have to go there yourself. What I can tell you about is just a couple of features that I love already. Click the banner above to get to CBH Ministries's home page.
CBH has a section called "Keys for Kids" which is a daily devotional (called a "key") written for kids ages 6-12. There are so many ways to explore these keys it is amazing. You can get up to 5 copies of the keys by mail bi-monthly for free. You can get the daily devotionals by email and have them sent your child's email address directly. The keys are available in a pdf file for you to print; they come with several "journal it" pages, application questions, and prayer requests. The keys are also searchable; you can read today's key, any previous key, or search by Bible passage or topic. You can also listen to an audio version of it which is more than just a reading of the text. Click the banner to visit Keys for Kids.
CBH has another section called Gilead Land which is a radio drama program for the whole family. I know some families, especially homeschooling families, love listening to radio dramas. What's great about this one is that it teaches Christian character as you listen to the story unfold. Each episode (there's over 100 of them in 9 seasons) is available to listen to for free online, downloadable as an MP3 file for $2 each, or available on CD for $20 per season. Each episode online includes a summary of the episode, some personal application questions, and Bible references. Gilead Lane also includes a place where you can learn more about each of the characters and places in the drama, behind the scenes video clips, and a newsletter about the show. Click the banner above to get to Gilead Lane.
There's also a place to learn more about Christ and grow in your faith, a place with games and a forum, and Camp Be-Yon-Key. The latter is a place to learn more about God, explore Bible lessons, and test your knowledge.
What a great resource!

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Anonymous said...

This looks really good! I'm going to check it out. Thanks!