Monday, April 28, 2008

Drying Dishes

I've decided to add another category to this blog....Toddler-schooling. This post fits that category quite nicely as it features my very own toddler, Josh.

Josh is very happy if we let him sit on the counter while we are working on the kitchen. It doesn't matter if we're putting together sandwiches for lunch, cutting up meat or veggies, cooking, or doing the dishes. He just wants to be on the counter. Yesterday, he insisted on helping with the dishes.

First, he dried that tiny aluminum baking pan and this pink plate that goes with Mika's Easy Bake Oven. He did a great job.

Here he is drying a yellow plastic cup.

And, in case you don't believe he's really drying he is stuffing the towel into the cup to dry the inside. Altogether, he only dried about 5-6 items but he is only 14 months old after all.

Next time your school-aged children try to say they can't wash or dry the dishes, show them this post. Then tell them to get washing. : )

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Shadowfur said...

That's my Joshie!

Carisa said...

I just found your blog today (I honestly can't even remember how I got here) but wanted to say hi and let you know I have enjoyed reading!! Looks like you guys have a fun house! I have two boys ages 2 and 6 and homeschool them too.
ps-You did a great job with your blog design, I love it!