Monday, April 28, 2008

Money Management-Grocery Savings

Once, in response to me telling my son that we couldn't buy something because it wasn't on sale. my son told me, "Mommy, you don't always have to buy things that are on sale!" He doesn't say that anymore. He knows that if he asks for something and it isn't on the list, or at the very least, not on sale, he isn't getting it.

One of the good things about homeschooling is that the kids pretty much have to run all of my errands with me. Through this they gain valuable life skills such as how to stretch your money further by buying only items that are on sale, have a coupon, and that you will eat. Today's grocery trip was an excellent example.

I bought $340.14 worth of food for only $161.97. That's a savings of $178.17. I get this kind of savings by buying items that are on sale (club card), using store coupons, using other store coupons that Albertson's will except, and using coupons from the Sunday paper. If you think that the Sunday paper isn't worth the cost, consider that I saved $20.90 today using coupons from past Sunday papers.

In addition to this, I earned 4 free movie tickets (to add to the two free movie tickets I received during a previous trip) and a coupon for $10 off my next shopping trip.

My son now understands the value of sales and coupons. He'd rather spend that $178 saved on doing something fun, buying toys or new clothes, going on vacation, or fixing up the house so we can move some day. I think he'll enjoy the free movies, too. We'll probably be using some of them to see Prince Caspian next month.

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