Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hot Summer Daze

It was sunny, hot, and perfect for being out. We had plans to be at a barbeque with our tae kwon do school at a nearby park. We had lots of food, friends, and fun and no school work in sight. And I had my camera out and ready to record it all. Below are way too many photos from our day. It will be great to look back on this post some day in the future.

Josh hasn't seen a sprayground since he was about 6 months old. He didn't know what to make of the water shooting out of the ground. Shortly after this picture was taken, I put him inside the circle made by these sprays while they were off for a second. He walked to and stood on the jets just in time for the to shoot up and get him in the face. He did not like that at all.

Sammy loved the sprayground. He spent the afternoon moving between the sprayground, playground, and joining in with those playing on the grass. He had a great time.

Josh spent most of the time hanging out on the blanket. He even got in a good nap. Then I got this great shot of scowling like daddy.

Here's Sammy enjoying the swing. The park had a great playground. Can you tell he likes the swing?

Mika spent most of her time between the sprayground and playground. I grabbed a photo of Mika heading to the water fountain to fill these water bottles up with water. Why? Because even plastic slides get hot.

After 5 hours at the park, we finally headed home. Here's what Josh looked like. I thought it was just too funny.

It was still very nice outside and perfect in the shade so we decided to have a picnic lunch in our front yard. Here's my boys. Of course, the cat had to join us. That's Gracie...we thought he was a girl when we named him.

Abby was also nearby hanging out in the gutter drain thingy. I'm guessing the concrete must have been cool.

Abby's son, Pandro, took up watch a few feet away on the steps. That's a few feet away from us not his mom...she hates him because he didn't leave when she tried to do the wild animal chase your children away when they've grown up thing.

Eventually, Tigger found her way over to the picnic too. Our cats have alway joined us for our picnics in the yard.

So, we were enjoying our picnic until this guy drove up. We watched as he walked up to our neighbor's house (recently rented to someone we haven't met yet) and knocked on the front door and then went around to the back.

Then this guy pulled up and joined his friend. After speaking a moment, the both got back into their cars and drove off. This guy drove down the street a few blocks, turned around, and parked for a few moments before finally leaving the neighborhood. Strange!

Here's Mika sporting a new sunburn on her checks. See those red spots just under her eyes? She burns there every time there's sun and she's out in it. It doesn't matter how carefully I apply sunscreen there. Today, I used a brand new bottle of 50spf on her face, making sure to get those spots well. It doesn't matter what the spf or what brand. She always burns there.

Sammy decided to try to put some ice down my shirt. Here I am getting my revenge.

Here is Sammy's look of agony over the several pieces of ice in his jeans.

The agony was funny but not this funny. But Scott started really cracking up. Why?

Because Sammy apparently didn't care that we were outside, in our front yard, which is on a busy street.

Josh, who wouldn't touch the watermelon on his plate during dinner, is stealing a bite of Scott's 2nd helping of watermelon.

Josh decided I was a horse and climbed on for a ride. As he was jumping on my back, Sammy decided to ride double. Ugh!

Fortunately for me, Mika noticed a spider on the blanket heading for my leg. Sammy stopped to observe his new friend while Josh snuck off to steal Mika's soda.

Josh was a happy boy. What a fun, full day he had.

Around 8pm, we headed inside to watch Hitch which was on tv. We finished off the day with hot fudge sundaes before all three kids passed out from exhaustion.

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Montserrat said...

Those pictures were so much fun to see! You had a very event filled day.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun! And I your hubby smiled. Ha!

Unknown said...

I just found your blog! I had a good laugh at the pictures, and captions, lol. Thanks for sharing :)