Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Entering the Land of Bizarre

Like many women, I am plagued with very weird dreams when I am pregnant. I don't have dreams about giving birth to kittens, or toddlers, or even full grown adults. In fact, as far as I can tell, they have nothing to do with my pregnancy other than the fact that they occur when I am pregnant. I awoke from such a dream this morning...

My dream began with what seemed to be a family Christmas celebration. My dad and my grandmother were recognizable. But there were many other people in my extended dream-family as well. One odd thing about the people in the dream, besides that fact that my family included people I didn't know and was larger than my real extended family, was that everyone in the dream wore skin-tight suits like those found in Star Trek, only they were all solid-colored and shiny or sparkly. Every person, of all ages and sizes, wore these suits.

The only reason I thought it was Christmas was the fact that everyone had presents, already open, about. As I walked around I noticed that all the men had received a particular slot car race track and all the boys had received a different race car track (the boys got all the same track, but it was different from the one the men got). There were other gifts but I don't remember them. I was told my gift, a CD set of some sort, was at the end of a certain row.

You may have noticed I said my gift was at the end of a row. That was another strange aspect of my dream. My dream-family "lived" in what I could only describe as a department store found at the end of a shopping mall. All the gifts were arranged in aisles like those you would find in a department store, all set up and on display. The dream-family members were sitting in recliners in one area of the store.

At this point, one of my dream-family members (a male, my age, that I recognized as a high school classmate from my real past), arrived. He wanted to show me something and, together, we walked out into the mall attached to my department store home.

We entered another store a few spaced down that was full of odd chair-like things. We each sat in one. Immediately, they started closing on us. I began to panic as I realized that the chair was going to completely shut me into a very tight, human-sitting-in-a-chair shaped space providing no more than 1/4 inch of space all around. It was also filling up with water. I was going to drown or suffocate. I was told to relax and, in seconds, I found myself inside a space-themed virtual reality controlled entirely by minute movements of my fingertips. Within the virtual reality, I had no conscious realization of being shut into the tight, liquid-filled chamber; I was simply there, able to move freely.

As I stood in what looked like a futuristic space station or ship, I tested out my movements. I was pressing buttons, flipping levels, and doing other movements. In what seemed like only a few minutes, the space station/ship disappeared and the chair was opening. We stepped out of the chairs and walked out of the store into the mall like nothing strange had occurred.

Later in the dream, I returned to the store and entered an underwater simulation for a few minutes. After that simulation, I inadvertently left behind a berry smoothie on a ledge near the chair. Later, my dream-family member who had originally brought me to the store, would return with me to the store to show me the cup I had left behind. I had a distinct feeling that I was not suppose to have gone back to the store on my own. That's when I woke up.

So, what do you think? Is that just the oddest dream you've ever heard? Have you had really dreams of your own?

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Scott said...

You, my dear, are weird. But I love you.