Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sammy's First Fish

We're back from our camping trip at Cannon Beach. We've been back since Monday afternoon but I've been dealing with a handful of things that have left me with no time to blog. In fact, I really don't have time to blog right now but I really want to at least post about this one thing.

The highlight of the trip for my kids was that "Papa" (my dad) took Mika and Sammy fishing for the first time last Saturday. They loved it so much that they roped him into taking them again on Sunday.

Saturday's fishing trip didn't yield any catches...unless you count trees as a catch. After practicing catching trees for a while, they moved to a different location without trees in the way. There they practiced casting and eventually figured out how to cast their lines into the water rather than a foot away. It takes practice to cast a fishing line! It didn't take them long before they were casting like old pros. Then they had to learn patience. The kids had a lot of fun casting and reeling in the line and recasting again. That method works great if you are using lures. The only problem is that they weren't using lures; they were using bobbers and bait. Needless to say, they caught nothing.

Sunday was another story. They went to a different location still. They already knew how to cast their line into the water. They were ready for some real fishing, complete with catching fish. Look what Sammy caught!

Isn't that an awesome catch? Sammy was so excited about catching a fish. Really, he was. You just can't tell because he's squinting in the sun. He loved that fish so much that he failed to release it soon enough and the poor fish died for lack of water. They released it back to the water anyway so it could become food for the other fish in the river. When they got back to the campground, it was the first thing they told us about...that and the fact that Papa bought them ice cream at Dairy Queen on the way back.

Actually, this is the REAL fish. He was still pretty excited about catching a fish even if it was a dinky thing.

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