Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Should We Do About the Tigers?

We are currently reading about cats in our science studies. Big cats. Little cats. Lions. Tigers. Cougars. Jaguars. And other animals that fit into the family felidae, like meerkats and hyenas.

One thing covered in our text is the topic of predators and how the big cats are apex predators, meaning no other animal consider them to be prey.

Another interesting fact is that problems of the Sumerian Tigers. They are endangered so conservationists seek to protect them. However, they are also notorious for eating people. One famous tiger ate over 400 people back in the 1930's before finally being hunted down and killed. Today, about 50 people in India are eating by tigers, particularly small children. So, while conservationist want to protect these beautiful creatures, Indians want to protect their children. What should be done?

I put the question to my children in the form of a writing assignment. Here's how they responded.

Mika took a creative approach and wrote it in fictional story form:

Saving the Tigers and the Kids

I, zookeeper Christine, had a task to complete. I was walking to the Meerkat exhibit when I saw zookeeper Lucy standing there.

"Hey, I heard you're going to India tomorrow. Why?"

"Tiger problem. They're hungry and the people in India want to save their kids. But at the same time we, and many other zookeepers, want to save the endangered tigers."

I walked away from Lucy to the zoo exit. When I got to the parking lot, I sighed and hopped in my red van. I drove to my apartment, checked in, went to my room, and started packing my suitcase. I put in three pairs of pants, five shirts, two pairs of tennis shoes, four pairs of socks, and a hat. I closed up the suitcase and put it by the door. It was 8:30 now and I know I should be getting to sleep.

The next morning, I got up and put on clothes. I grabbed t
he suitcase and drove to the airport. The plane was just landing and I had enough time to grab a cup of coffee and buy a cookie. I bought my coffee and chocolate cookie and ate them. I then got on the airplane, sat in the back, and waited for 20 hours. The plane landed and I got out.

I took a car ride to the towns in India. In one, I told them that I would try to do something for them and get their children safe. I started off on my plan to help the tigers and children. First, I held a meeting in the middle of town. I told them to keep their children in the house until I was ready. They did so and everyone was safely in their houses. I got in the car again and started the engine. I drove until I found the tigers. I then drove clos
er to them until they moved and ran. I drove them to a farther place away from towns. They stayed and were satisfied with all the other animals to eat. I drove back to the town and thanked them for letting me help.

I now was in the zoo again and happy. The people of India were, too.

Sammy's response is much shorter. I'm more lenient with him on writing skills because of his previous speech and language delays. He's catching up quickly though. His solution is to let the tigers eat different people:

People want to save tigers because they're endangered but people in India want to save their children from getting eaten by tigers. If I could fix the problem, I would save the tigers from being endangered and then carry them on helicopters to Africa and then the children would be saved.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

I think you have a budding writer on your hands :) She was very detailed. Sammy, I want a helicopter ride to Africa :)