Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creative Discipline

One of the rules in our house is "No running, playing, or goofing off on the stairs." This is because our stairs are carpeted, steep, narrow, and kind of dangerous. Each of us have tumbled down the stairs at least once. One of the stairs is broken because of one of those falls but we can't fix it without ripping up the carpet. We think it is a reasonable rule.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a rule that the kids have a hard time remembering despite having been talked to about it several times. While I don't want to punish harshly for this, I also don't want them to learn the hard way.

They were running and goofying off up the stairs again this afternoon. After calling them back down and talking to them about it, I brought down some creative punishment....

Walk, nicely, up and down the stairs 20 times so you can practice WALKING on the stairs

Speaking of learning the hard way, Sammy decided to touch the burner (set on medium high heat) just seconds after he watched/helped me make hot chocolate on said burner. He doesn't want to touch it again.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

They got their PE in for the day with that creative idea. Yes, stairs even ones not steep or broken are dangerous when playing around on or near them. You did good, mom!

Poor Sammy, hope his hand heals quickly - ouch!

Suswan said...

Oh yes! Good idea! :-)