Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas in Pictures

We had a great Christmas. The kids were happy. The parents were happy. We had fun together as a family.

When Sammy opened his traditional Christmas Eve present and found an extra large Hulk T-shirt and Hulk pj pants but no robe, he was worried. He was really hoping for a robe. Well, the robe was the first gift we had him open on Christmas morning. He was very happy to get he's been asking for one for quite some time now. He even noticed that I picked one that matched Daddy's. He wore it all day.

Here's Sammy and Mika, both pretty excited about the Star Wars action figures Papa (grandpa) got him. They were especially impressed that this set had General Grievous in it. Even Daddy had fun with them.

Mika was thrilled to get High School Musical 1 and 2 on DVD from Papa. She's been wanting them for a while now and can often be heard singing various songs from the movies even though she's only seen them each once (maybe twice).

Josh had no trouble figuring out what he was suppose to do with his gifts. Once he was shown the first one on Christmas Eve (he's wearing his Christmas Eve pjs in the photo), he had it down. He started bringing random presents to me demanding, "Open!"

Josh's gift from Papa turned out to be a Fisher Price Noah's Ark set and extra animals. He loves the "ay-ee-phaw" the best.

Sammy can be so easy to please sometimes. He was thrilled to find a Spiderman spinbrush in his stocking. He's been begging for one for about a year now. He also found Spiderman toothpaste and a bottle of kids Agent Blue mouthwash (which he loves using). He couldn't wait to brush his teeth.

Mika also found a toothbrush in her stocking. Her's was one of those ones that plays music for 2 minutes while you brush and you can hear it through the vibrations on your teeth. It plays a High School Musical brush and has decided that she thinks she likes brushing her teeth now. "It must work," she said, "My teeth were less blue today."

The hit of the day was the Wii. If it weren't for Scott earning it while at his previous employer (vendor incentive thing for selling and training), we wouldn't have it. The kids were so excited! Can you tell?

Here's a sight that any homeschooling mom would love. Two kids reading their new books on Christmas day. Mika read through her entire book (A Giant Problem) by the end of the day and Sammy made it through several chapters (a Star Wars Clone Wars novel). They were waiting for Daddy to hook up the Wii.

We tried out Wii Sports, which comes with the console, first. Here's Scott boxing Sammy. They got into it.

Here's Sammy and Mika duking it out while Josh looks on.

Then Mika and Scott took each other on. Mika's trying to block Daddy's punches.

And what do you do when you get tired of those physically demanding games? You lie down and play Lego Star Wars.

We ended up taking turns playing various Wii games (purchased with free gift cards Scott earned through another work/vendor incentive program) for a total of 9 hours on Christmas. It was on again for several hours yesterday and today. We're slowly reducing the time down to our normal daily limits. The kids are having to get use to sharing the video games with Mom and Dad who really enjoy the sports games the best.

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

great pictures - we have that same elephant and General Grievous in our house. Had to LOL at Sammy being bummed by no robe, not usually on the top of a kid's wish list, ya know. :)

Suswan said...

Ohhhhh, I love the pictures. Some pretty intense faces there. :-)

The Four Week Vegan said...

Great pictures - love the matching robes :)

Sounds like an awesome Christmas.

Luke Holzmann said...

Welcome to the world of Wii!


Deb said...

I warn you - if you get Guitar Hero III you'll never get rid of me and Bryn! LOL!!!