Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Contemplating Tolkien

We've been reading Tolkien in our house. We finished The Hobbit a few weeks ago. Now we are reading The Fellowship of the Ring. I've been enjoying my third reading of it, catching things I don't think I noticed before. The kids are enjoying their first run though.

Tonight I ran across a particularly descriptive sentence. Let me give you the sentence and you tell me what you think it means...will ya? Please?

The night was railing against the morning of which is was bereaved, and the cold was cursing the warmth for which it hungered.

I'm curious to see your interpretations. As a bonus, do you know what part of the book it comes from?

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Suswan said...

My was very, very dark. So dark that the night was attacking the morning, whose light it needed.
It was very, very cold. So cold that "the cold" was cursing "the warmth" wanting some of what "the warmth" had.